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Feelings are strongest among Mr Fillons supporters. Alexandre Meyniel, a lawyer, used to back Nicolas Sarkozy but now stands firm behind Mr Fillon as the centre-rights elected candidate. France is experiencing an extremely difficult period of unemployment, terrorism and identity tensions, and this campaign should be of the utmost importance, but there is no campaign, it was buried under legal allegations. To him, there is a feeling of confiscation, of fierceness, not only because the timing, the rapidity of justiceare confusing, but also because the majority of the right-wing electorate remains convinced that Francois Fillon has the best policy programme, but it is impossible for him to talk about it. Olivier Garrault, 44, an engineer father of two girls believes they are millions who have a real anger at the bottom of their hearts. He strongly fears how Mr Fillons supporters will vote in the second round of the voting (held on 7 May, after the first round on 23 April), when only the top two candidates will remain. If Mr Fillon is eliminated in the first round with polls showing he has slipped behind Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen Mr Garrault thinks 80 per cent [of Mr Fillons supporters] will vote for Le Pen only out of anger and vengeance. The other 20 per cent will abstain. The announcement this week that the fraud investigation into Mr Fillon has been widened to include luxury suits he received as gifts, has only exacerbated the tensions.The French weekly newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche revealed last Sunday that Mr Fillon had received close to 50,000 Euros worth of suits and clothing since 2012, alleging a potential conflict of interest. Mr Fillon has denied all allegations against him. Another customer in the Paris cafe, Gilles Igonnet, exclaims: It makes me angry, the charge against Fillon is completely disproportionate to the supposed fault. Mr Fillon, 63, has insisted he will fight on despite an Odoxa opinion poll on Friday showing that three-quarters of French voters want him to pull out of the race.