Getting The Facts On Fast Plans For Appetizers

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Meredith may be a woman of science, but she knows that sometimes the only cure for pain is to get up off the couch and wiggle it, just a little bit. Its a glorious nod the great Greys tradition of dancing in Merediths living room during a montage. Its Merediths gift to her sister, but its mainly a gift to the die-hard fans. Dancing it out helps Maggie for a little while, but eventually she ends up sitting alone on the porch swing. Later, Jackson comes by. He hands Maggie all of her mothers medical records and tells her that Diane knew she was extremely sick before Jackson did, and that she came to Grey Sloan not because he was the best doctor for her, but because she knew she was dying. She knew she was dying and that Jackson, Maggies step-brother (sometimes I forget this, but also I love it), would be able to help take care of Maggie after she was gone. He hands her photos Diane gave to him to give to Maggie when he thought she might need them most. Theyre photos of Diane, after she found out how sick she was, living life. Traveling.