Crucial Elements In Eating Trends

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Upstairs at that time were apartments, with one occupant the late Rikki Streicher, a lesbian who worked as a bartender at the Paper Doll and would go on to open her own lesbian bars throughout town. In 1954 the late Dante Benedetti, a straight man and North Beach denizen, bought the Paper Doll, and its clientele morphed into mainly gay men. State liquor authorities revoked his license in 1956 on the basis of the restaurant being a "homosexual hangout," as described in an old newspaper report. After years of fighting against the accusations, Benedetti sold the business in 1961 to Don Farber, a professional baseball player who was required to rename the restaurant. He christened it Cadell Place. Over the ensuing years the restaurant would change hands a number of times. According to the Smucha's research, Ross, who had worked as a chef at the Paper Doll, took ownership of it in 1965 and renamed it the 524 Club. Their draft report includes a flier for the 1966 opening of Streicher's Maud's Study in Cole Valley that noted the buffet was "catered by Bob Ross of the 524 Club." A number of former employees of the Paper Doll would go on to open their own gay and lesbian bars in the city.